The Institute of Carmelite Studies is directed toward the study of the Carmelite heritage as found in spiritual theology, scriptural exegesis, and other related fields. We encourage scholarship among our members and others who seek to deepen the appreciation of the Order’s spirit and traditions.

Some of our members have produced new translations of the spiritual classics of Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross and Saint Therese of Lisieux, and other Carmelite writings for the assistance of those who wish to understand better these Carmelite authors.

Members of the Institute are available for conferences, seminars, courses, and other study group meetings held for the development and promotion of an awareness of our Order’s spirituality, charism and history. In recent years we have undertaken the collecting of various documents, papers and publications related to the Order. This collection, the Institute’s library facilities and conference room are located at our Washington, D.C. monastery.

The Institute gathers regularly to discuss and to encourage the research and other projects of the members’. Since its founding in 1966, it has sustained an interest in the study of both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, especially the meditative practices of the mystics. We make every effort to share our facilities with anyone engaged in research on Carmelite topics requiring access to our library collections and archives. Our Washington library provides a convenient setting for our own scholars and others.

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