About Fr. John Sullivan, OCD

Fr. John obtained a doctoral degree in worship and sacramental theology from the Institut Catholique in 1973. He served two terms as provincial from 2008 to 2014 and is currently the chair of the Institute of Carmelite Studies. Fr. John resides in our monastery in Washington, DC.

Aunt Teresa of Jesus

Blessed feast day of St. Teresa of Jesus! The image above shows a painting now gracing the ground floor elevator entrance in our Washington, DC monastery. It was given to the community by a friend of Carmel living in our area and a long-time devotee of Saint Teresa of Jesus. Fortunately for us, he found [...]

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The Once Missing then Present Christ of Edith Stein

Edith in 1921 ~~ Centenary Commemoration ~~ For Edith Stein the happy ending to a lengthy conversion process came with her baptism on the first day of 1922. This was preceded by her completed reading of the Autobiography of Saint Teresa of Jesus a few months previous in the summer of 1921, one hundred years [...]

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“They went out Singing”

Prelude Carmelites know how 16 nuns of the Compiègne Carmel during the French Revolution sang hymns on their way to their deaths on the guillotine.  The Song at the Scaffold by Gertrude von le Fort was a novella that caused interest in their martyrdom at a time when Edith Stein was still alive.  The composer [...]

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Edith Stein, Saint Teresa Benedicta Serves the Church

The sabbatical I was granted after service as Provincial that lasted from August 2014 to November 2015 gave me the opportunity to extend my knowledge of Saint Teresa Benedicta (Edith) Stein and to speak about her to several audiences in Europe. From the days I served also as Provincial Director of Ongoing Formation/Continuing Education I [...]

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Saint Joseph, Patriarch and our Protector/Patron

During this year commemorating the declaration in 1870 of Saint Joseph Patron of the Universal Church many people are revisiting sources of their devotion to the foster father of Jesus.  We hear praise for Our Holy Mother Saint Teresa of Jesus for having stirred up practical devotion for Saint Joseph in the “modern” age, that [...]

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“Little Lord Jesus no crying he makes”? – Celebrating Christmas in the Midst of the Pandemic

When they moved the liturgical feast of Saint John of the Cross from late November to mid-December I felt at ease with the change because it placed our Holy Father Saint John that much closer to the Solemnity of Christmas. Saint John of the Cross is a strong proponent of the Incarnation, appreciating how the [...]

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A Free Friar, Père Jacques of Jesus – In Memory of the 75th Anniversary of His Death

This year has seen some timid attempts at commemorating the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II. With all the blockage derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, though, worthwhile attention to some events will be missed. This could be the case for Père Jacques of Jesus, the friar of the Paris Province who died, [...]

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Pin-Pricks in a Pandemic

Saint Thérèse enriched her teaching on the “Little Way” with several interesting images. She once spoke of herself as a small grain of sand but not “discouraged because God cannot inspire unrealizable desires” (Story of a Soul, p. 207, ICS ed.); and she more or less identified herself as a little chick protected by the [...]

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Half a Century Ago – The Doctorate of St. Teresa of Avila

In this 50th anniversary year of her arrival among the proclaimed Doctors of the Church, and the first woman among them, we can only show appreciation for Saint Paul VI’s gesture and also the kindliness which led Bishop Shanley to leave to the house of our province devoted to studies such a beautiful image of Teresa of Jesus.

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A “Most Moving” Novena for Pentecost

At the Carmel of Cologne Germany, home to the community Edith Stein joined in 1933, there is now a modern archive housing texts, studies, and memorabilia related to Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Herr Thomas Schuld supervises the collection and welcomes persons who ask to use the services available. Even before this archive was [...]

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