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Fr. Don Brick is the Rector of the Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians at Holy Hill.

Event: Day of Prayer and Mass of Gratitude, Washington DC

Please join the members of one of our Archdiocesan Secular Institutes as we pray in gratitude for the Beatification of their Founder last November 19, 2016, Fr. Marie-Eugene. When: Saturday, April 1, 2017 Schedule:  9:00 AM - Presentation on Blessed Marie-Eugene by Fr. Donald Kinney, OCD followed by silent prayer. 10:00 AM - Mass presided [...]

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He is Risen

A practice that many do not practice is the traditional Easter greeting among Christians. I do it every year, but not everyone knows the response. The greeting is, “The Lord is Risen!” Our response to that is, “The Lord is truly Risen!” I once again address you brothers and sisters in the Lord, “The Lord [...]

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Message for Palm Sunday

Fr. Don Brick, OCD, gives his insight on Palm Sunday. Today's Readings Do you notice the different contrasts in the Passion of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? There is a litany of conflict in the Passion, a tale of tensions in the Passion. We see for instance the betrayal of Judas vs. the loyalty [...]

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Fifth Sunday of Lent

LinK: Today's Readings There are two movements in the season of Lent. The first four week period is a mode of conversion and a time to look at ourselves and to examine whether we are taking serious the commitment we have made to the Lord Jesus in our Baptism. It is a period of renewal [...]

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Fourth Sunday of Lent

Readings for Today It is always good to recommit ourselves during Lent; we are half way now and some people are already worn out with their prayer, fasting, and almsgiving and others have not done anything substantial yet. Whether you have done much or not done anything at all, today is a time for us [...]

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Wake Up the World!

“Everybody sleeps. And God, so watchful, so magnanimous, so worthy of praise is forgotten! Nobody thinks of Him! Behold, nature praises Him; heaven, stars, trees, grasses – everything praises Him, while man, who acknowledges His benevolence, who should praise Him, sleeps! Let us wake up the universe!” This poem from our recently canonized Saint Mariam [...]

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