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A Free Friar, Père Jacques of Jesus – In Memory of the 75th Anniversary of His Death

This year has seen some timid attempts at commemorating the 75th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II. With all the blockage derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, though, worthwhile attention to some events will be missed. This could be the case for Père Jacques of Jesus, the friar of the Paris Province who died, [...]

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“Come what may, happen what may”

St. Teresa of Avila has given us piercing insights into the heights of mystical prayer and the phenomena that can come with it. She received these as gifts for the help and salvation of every person who comes seeking a deeper relationship with the Lord. What most inspires from her life and writings, however, is [...]

Pin-Pricks in a Pandemic

Saint Thérèse enriched her teaching on the “Little Way” with several interesting images. She once spoke of herself as a small grain of sand but not “discouraged because God cannot inspire unrealizable desires” (Story of a Soul, p. 207, ICS ed.); and she more or less identified herself as a little chick protected by the [...]

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